The early intervention toolkit is a custom treatment collection for the birth to 3 population. It offers vital resources, including parent questionnaires, goal examples, parent handouts, and video demonstrations, enhancing your ability to guide parents in fostering optimal childhood development.


Getting To Know Your Baby Stress and Engagement Cues

Leg Massage Instruction

Parent Tool to Facilitate Gathering Information, Questions, and Goals for Child

Parent Satisfaction Survey

Parent Appointment Log

Components of a Healing Environment Including Touch, Light, Sound, Smell, and Temperature

Swaddle Bathing Parent Instructions

Developmental Milestone Chart Quick Reference for Birth to 7 Years of Age

Simple Feeding Recommendations

Swaddle Bathing Parent Instructions

Brachial Plexus ROM Exercises and Dressing Instructions Club Foot ROM Exercises

Caring For Your Baby with Shoulder Dystocia/Clavicle Fracture

Torticollis Stretches and Positioning Recommendations

Noggin Nest

Caring For Your Baby with Hip Dysplasia

Neuroprotective Positioning

Sleep Checklist for the Infant

Sleep Checklist for the Toddler

Gas Relief Massage Stroke Instruction

Baby Sleep Schedules from Birth to One Year of Age


Provider Specific Questionnaire

Parent Specific Questionnaire

Regarding Sleep Child Specific

Questionnaire Regarding Sleep

Parent Specific Questionnaire

Regarding Pain and Stress Management

Child Specific Questionnaire

Regarding Pain and Stress Management

Child Specific Questionnaire Regarding ADL’s

Video Demonstrations

Know My Infant/Child: Positioning, Skin Integrity, & Feeding

Cuddle and Glide Massage Stroke demo

Walk Across Massage Stroke Video demo

Learn to Swaddle Video demo

Noggin Nest Video Demo

Upper Extremity Injury ADL Video Demo

Burping Video Demo

Diaper Changing Tip Video Demo

Swaddle Bathing Video Demo

Developmental Milestone Chart Video Demo

Healing Environment Video Demo

This Early Intervention Toolkit

is already included in the

5 Core Measures CEU course.

NO need to purchase this separately.

The Early Intervention Toolkit is offered as an option for people who are unable to take the 5 Core Measures course, but would like to have the handouts, videos, and questionnaires in their tool belt.